Das Williams – Emails to the Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective

Private email sent to the Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective by Das via Facebook on July 17 :

I am with you on so much, including talking with Gil Cedillo about tackling the unlicensed driver issue before he leaves the legislature in Sept. However, Your press release does not seem to indicate that you want a dialogue. In fact, it makes it very difficult to consider your position. Now, even if you convinced me it’s good policy, I would look like I’m caving to your accusations of lying and worse. Not a great method.

In fact, the press release makes me think your primary objective is to declare a victory and get publicity for the collective. You shield have someone outside this read it, see how it comes across.

An email relayed to the Collective via Pieter Turley on July 21: 

This is what happened when I reached out to James Joyce III, Das’ field rep, to have a discussion with him about where Das Williams stands on the TRUST ACT.

This is the response I received from Mr. Joyce:


Both Das and I appreciate your support. Wanted to drop you this message from Das on his stance. Please let me know if you have any questions, there seems to be a lot of mis information out there. Das never voted against the Trust Act, the last time he had a chance to vote on this legislation was May 2011. The next time will be in Aug. Some things have changed since then. 

From Das: 

Personal attacks have been launched against me because I have some questions about a piece of legislation moving through the legislature. When AB 1081 was before me in 2011 I did not vote for it because I had concerns about the ability for law enforcement to place felons in ICE holds. There are aspects of the bill that I support – anti-profiling; protection for witnesses and victims of crimes by others. There are some that I have concerns – would it prevent law enforcement from holding a felon who can post bail, possibly going back to the community and inflecting more harm to victims. I am reviewing the new language in the bill and the data that shows local communities have abused the ICE hold process and want to talk to my constituents about the bill. In the end, we may not agree but to do my job I must review all aspects of the legislation that comes before me.

I supported the Dream Act, I voted for SB 126 that gave protections to agricultural workers, I have marched in solidarity with immigrant groups and I have always had an open door to my constituents. I didn’t embrace this philosophy late in my public service. When on the Santa Barbara City Council I supported limiting check points and worked with other councilmembers to make Santa Barbara a safe city for all residents.

Let me be clear, I want to see anti-profiling and victim protection while ensuring that those guilty of hurting our community do not have the opportunity to do it again.

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