VENTURA COUNTY STAR – Oxnard denied new trial in case of man who died [choking death] in police custody

“Oxnard denied new trial in case of man who died from overdose in police custody”

[CTPaP note: it speaks volumes about the credibility of the local press that despite the ruling of a federal jury and court, the headlines of the local “news” continue to parrot the scandalous lies of the Oxnard Police Department and state that Robert Ramirez died from “overdose” and not “active prone restraint”.]

OXNARD, Calif. – A federal judge has denied Oxnard’s attempt to get a new trial in the case of a man who died while overdosing in police custody.

A Los Angeles jury in July awarded $2.9 million to the family of Robert Ramirez. The 26-year-old Oxnard resident died in June 2012 after swallowing a large quantity of methamphetamine when officers restrained him so he could get medical help. The county medical examiner found Ramirez’s death was caused by “active prone restraint” when officers held him down. Experts hired by the city argued he died from a meth overdose.

After the verdict, Oxnard’s attorneys filed motions seeking a new trial and what amounted to a request for qualified immunity by claiming officers had acted as medical responders, not as law enforcement personnel.

U.S. District Judge Michael Fitzgerald last month ruled against both motions.

“The court finds defendants’ arguments without merit,” the order reads. “The verdict shall stand.”

On Tuesday night, the City Council is scheduled to get an update on the Ramirez case in closed session.

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