From Oxnard to the Muslim Community: Together We Can Defeat the Racist Travel Ban!

SPANISHWe in the Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective, an independent group based in Oxnard, offer our support and solidarity to our Muslim neighbors in the city, Ventura County, and our region. We strongly denounce Donald Trump’s executive order to suspend Muslim citizens of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen from entering this country. We consider this to be a vile, racist, and bigoted action committed by the United States government that is wholly unacceptable. The so-called “extreme vetting” by the homeland security state – one of many legalized forms of discrimination that have existed since long before 9/11 – and displacement of immigrants and binational citizens in the U.S. must be met with opposition from all directions, from all communities.

To our Muslim, Middle Eastern, and North African comrades: we offer our helping hands, our open ears, and our attention to you. At a time when the federal government and forces throughout the country seek to weaken, divide, and isolate us, we must push harder toward defending ourselves as communities united in a spirit of internationalism – finding strength in our diversity and our common fight, undivided on the basis of nationality, ethnicity or religion.

We remind our neighbors, family members and friends that in the past 15 years, “anti-terror” scares and legislation have always been used first to attack predominantly-Muslim communities before the predatory focus of the homeland security state shifted to Mexicano and Central American immigrant communities. Now, more than ever, our voices and our active participation are needed to help stop these attacks that erode and damage the rights of all oppressed nationalities within this country: Brown, Black, Asian, Indigenous, immigrant and U.S.-born.

If we as a community are silent, we’re sacrificing our rights and the safety of our children, our elders, our friends and our family. If we’re united and aware, we can create a line of defense for our community! We invite all honest forces to bridge these gaps between our communities so that when the state comes knocking at our doors to try and take our loved ones away, they won’t find them – they will only find resistance.

Contact the Colectivo Todo Poder al Pueblo to get involved in organizing or to ANONYMOUSLY report any potential violations of your rights or the rights of your neighbor. We will protect your privacy, and make every attempt to assist and/or connect you with any potential resources we have access to.


Your Fight is Our Fight – Only the People Can Defend the People!

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