Migra/ICE Are NOT Welcome in Oxnard – We Need a Sanctuary City

Join the people of Oxnard and various organizations as we demand that the city takes steps to protect the hard-working migrantes and families in our community! We need to put pressure on the city council and Mayor Tim Flynn, who has commented in the past that the city looks like the “Third World” and “is no longer the city he grew up in,” during times of anti-Mexican racism and segregation!

Oxnard is 73.5% Latino, Mexicano and Indigenous and we refuse to allow the politics of Trump to dictate our lives in a city whose economy simply would not exist without our labor and our lives! End the Raids now! No to the racist wall! We need unity and organization to fight Trump’s fascism in Washington D.C. and the “mini-Trumps” in our region!

  1. Oxnard Police Department MUST notify the public when Immigration Customs Enforcement is in the city because we are aware that ICE notifies the police when they are in the city to sequester people.
  2. The churches MUST support families affected by deportation. This includes families whose members were previously deported. Support includes financial support, sanctuary/refuge for people without housing, offering space to have Know Your Rights workshops
  3. Local business who supported the Day Without an Immigrant boycott are expected and encouraged to support the long-term organizing efforts by providing financial support and/or space to hold people’s gatherings.
  4. The people (documented or not) MUST continue to organize and prepare in their communities to CREATE the sanctuary spaces that will defend from migra and police abuse. Whether the city passes a sanctuary city resolution or not, only the people can defend the people. We encourage honest forces to join the rapid response network, checkpoint actions, and continue to build on the community self-defense methods with us. There are many ways to get involved!

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