Seabreeze: Amongst Lies and Threats

SPANISHFor almost a year, the Seabreeze Tenant Association has been battling the consortium that runs the apartment complex on Samuel Avenue in Oxnard.
They organized to fight against multiple violations of their rights and for decent, healthy and sustainable housing.

Nonetheless, the administration continues to use threats of evictions and demands against the tenants to make them give up the fight, but they forget that despite the multiple attempts to intimidate the people nothing changes their demands for decent, healthy and sustainable housing and respect.

Earlier in August (2017), members of the association got a note in Spanish taped to their doors full of threats meant to frighten them and try to retract from continuing the fight. (Below is the picture of the letter)


It is not uncommon and not surprising that the apartment complex owners or management use these type of tactics and the Seabreeze administration proves that they are liars and abuse their power whenever they can.

  1. For example, they charge water and drainage utilities depending on the number of people who live in each apartment but when time for renovation relocations come they are only willing to pay for the people listed in the contract. That is to say, they charge for four people but pay for just one for relocations.
  2. They avoid paying relocation expenses and expect the renters to come back to the apartments that still have chemical smells from the renovations.
  3. They lie in legal documents to get money from the government.
  4. They do not give contracts or important notices in Spanish but threaten the tenants with notes in Spanish and stick them on the doors of the apartments.
  5. They try to make them sign applications for “low income” qualifications but do not provide the forms in Spanish or translation.
  6. They show arrogance whenever they can.
  7. The conditions of the apartments remain deplorable.

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8. The infestation of cockroaches in the apartments and rats around the trash containers has not yet been controlled.


9. The apartments are given superficial fixes but the internal problems are not solved.

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So if you are looking to rent an apartment be careful and do not believe the hypocritical promises made by the Seabreeze administration!

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