#Contáctenos // #Contact



PLEASE NOTE: Page is for archival purposes and contact info is not up-to-date. If urgent, please contact an attorney, legal aid group, local community organization, or emergency response services.


(English below) Han circulado informes de brutalidad por parte de la policía, de redadas a casas y negocios por I. C. E. /agentes, y de la violación de nuestros derechos por los dueños de las viviendas y por los funcionarios del gobierno.

SU VOZ es necesaria para ayudar a poner fin a estos ataques a nuestra gente. Si usted guarda silencio, se sacrifican los derechos y la seguridad de nuestros niños, nuestros ancianos, nuestros amigos y familia.

Si estamos unidos y consciente, podemos crear una línea de defensa de nuestra comunidad. Póngase en contacto con el Colectivo TODO PODER AL PUEBLO, en forma anónima INFORME de las posibles violaciones de sus derechos o de los derechos de tu prójimo.

Informe sobre las redadas de ICE, la brutalidad de la policía, los retenes de policía, y otros abusos: 805 3-AVISO-3 // 805-328-4763




ATTENTION PEOPLE OF OXNARD! Reports have been circulating of brutality by the police, of raids on homes and businesses by I.C.E./Migra agents, and of the violation of our rights by government officials.

YOUR VOICE is needed to help stop these attacks on us. If you are SILENT, you are sacrificing your rights and the safety of our children, our elders, and our friends and family. If we are UNITED and AWARE, we can create a line of defense for our community.

Contact the Colectivo Todo Poder al Pueblo to ANONYMOUSLY report any potential violations of your rights or the rights of your neighbor. We will protect your privacy. 805 3-AVISO-3 // 805-328-4763

SOLO EL PUEBLO DEFIENDE AL PUEBLO (“Only the People can Defend the People”)



6 thoughts on “#Contáctenos // #Contact

  1. If you aren’t a citizen, what “rights” are those you speak of? American rights are for fellow Anericans. Also, if these people are so legit, what are the upset about? They’ve nothing to hide, no crimes they commit…. So, let the raid take place and go on your merry illegal way?!

    • The idea that rights should be tied to citizenship is, like racism and patriarchy, a means by which a secondary class of people are maintained, without rights and protections, so that they can be more readily exploited by employers. It is another means of dividing working class people.

      Incidentally, many of the people who choose to undertake the task of migrating (made artificially dangerous by the authoritarian immigration policies of the US) come from countries which have been made poor by brutal exploitation, including by–you guessed it–the United States. I would suggest you read up on the history of immigration laws, imperialism, and racism, before making ignorant comments like this.

  2. My brother was murdered by a Santa Paula police officer in 2012 he was shot in the back as he ran thru my mothers back yard the police officer was lying in wait to commit this act there’s a lot of details which I can’t explain now but this officer is free and still harrasing people. What can I do about this or how can I get this story out ?

  3. My brother was murdered by a Santa Paula police officer in 2012 he was shot in the back as he ran away in the backyard of my mothers home this police officer was lying in wait to commit this act there’s a lot of detail which I cannot explain here but this police officer never got arrested for his crime and is still terrorizing people in Santa Paula what can I do or how can I get this story out ?

  4. I love what you guys are doing, I would like to be involved and help anyway I can , I have skills in research, communication, bilingual, conceptional skills,and love government politicals,enjoy reading,thanks for all you have done .

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