Raza College Day, 4/16/2011 Workshop: RAZA SI! MIGRA NO! Barrio Defense Against Migra Raids and Deportations

Join the Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective at this year’s Raza College Day. 
U.C. Santa Barbara
Raza College Day 7am-5pm
Saturday April 16th
Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective:
Workshop times: 11:10am and 1:10pm
RAZA SI! MIGRA NO! Barrio Defense Against Migra Raids and Deportations.
In 2010, nearly 400,000 undocumented people, mainly Raza, were deported and the raids and deportations will increase. This multi-media presentation, with photos, video, and music will inform youth on how they can organize and support their community through neighborhood education campaigns on “Know Your Rights” to defend basic human rights.
This workshop will introduce students to crucial information and raise awareness about the mass deportation programs, such as “Secure Communities” and other migra programs that have a direct impact in the Raza communities in which we live. 

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