1/28/12: Community monitoring at police checkpoints in Oxnard


Friday, January 27, 2011

For more information please contact the Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective at (805)3-AVISO-3 [(805)328-4763] or poder805@riseup.net

  • Who: Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective
  • What: Monitoring abuse at police checkpoints in Oxnard to ensure that police comply with AB 353, which allows for unlicensed drivers vehicles to not be towed and impounded for 30 Days.
  • When: Saturday, January 28, 2011
  • Where: At the police checkpoint, which is at an undisclosed location. When we identify the location we will go to the checkpoint.

Beginning this year, police can no longer tow vehicles away from unlicensed drivers at checkpoints. The Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective will begin our campaign to monitor the checkpoints and ensure that the police comply with AB 353, and to document any abuse. There is mass profitteering being made off of the legalized confiscation and abuse of the 30-day impound of working families, which carries a financial and emotional toll on our community that relies on transportation to ensure our children get to school, work and be able to provide food, shelter, etc. We see the checkpoint and general traffic stop impounds of our vehicles as a violation of human rights. Not only are thousands of dollars spent in court fees & impound fees, but in Oxnard, there is also a $241 ransom/fee that we must pay at the police station to get a ‘permit’ to get our vehicles out of impound.

For more information, please call: (805) 3-AVISO-3   (805) 328-4763


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