Oxnard PD Officer Kyle Brantner, implicated in Robert Ramirez homicide, describes self as “Trash Collector,” “Cleaning up Garbage”


WANTED: Any information pertaining to Oxnard Police Officer KYLE  BRANTNER ” THE GARBAGE MAN”. Brantner has an interesting view of his job: he sees our community not as human beings but as filthy “garbage”, and his role is to “cleanse” Oxnard. He also jokes that he speaks Mixtecan. Brantner has been on the force with OPD for two years, and was involved in the homicide of ROBERT RAMIREZ, age 26, on the evening of June 23, 2012, when Robert was slain by 7 officers after his family called for medical assistance. Robert, who was suffering from a potential drug overdose, was deprived of medical attention and was beaten mercilessly before suffocating to death while subject to a brutal restraint that choked the life out of him.

“I personally knocked on every door… I heard personally how he screamed, how he begged them to stop.'” – Tere Ramirez, Robert’s mother http://tinyurl.com/RamirezLATimes

We demand, “Killer Cops off our streets!” These cops guilty of Robert’s death need to be held accountable to our community and treated as the CRIMINALS they are!

*** If you have ANY information regarding Officer Kyle “El Basurero” Brantner, and any abuse or mistreatment suffered at his hands, contact us to anonymously report it at (805)3-AVISO-3 // (805)328-4763 or poder805@riseup.net. You can also contact us here. ***

Photo credit: Kyle Brantner’s Facebook profile, now on privacy-block mode. https://www.facebook.com/kyle.rentnarb (formerly https://www.facebook.com/kyle.brantner)

Other officers implicated:
Senior Officer Steven Ramirez, 9 years of service
Officer Michael Bocanegra, 8 years of service
Officer Roslynn Wilfert, 5 years of service
Officer Pedro Rodriguez, 5 years of service
Officer Aaron Zavala, 4 years of service
Officer Matthew Ross, 2 years of service

ANY INFORMATION ON THE ABOVE OFFICERS IS URGENTLY REQUIRED, and will be used as evidence of the sadistic and deadly nature of these cops! We need to clean our streets of the REAL filth: the crooked cops who think that they’re above the law, and treat our community as if they are an occupying army… while our lives are worthless in their eyes!

A community service brought to you by the Todo poder al Pueblo Collective: http://www.TodoPoderAlPueblo.org



“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” – Proverbs 16:18 KJV

Oxnard Police Officer KYLE BRANTER “EL BASURERO” had no regrets about the death of young Robert Ramirez, and on his Facebook he advertised how he cleans up “Garbage” in our community. Since we put him on blast this placa’s changed his name on Facebook, and then he deleted it completely.

We need to give him the boot and get him off our calles. If he was responsible in any way in the beating or choking of Robert, then we have to put this placa behind bars! If he was there the night of the officer-committed homicide of Robert, and stood there watching, he must come forward and say the truth! If not, he’s an accomplice!
Maybe he feels like he got tossed now, used by the city and thrown away?? Maybe he wishes he never came to our “trash” comunidad, and wishes he stayed back in Simi Valley where it’s “clean”?
Killer cops off our streets and behind bars now! 
Robert Ramirez, PRESENTE! 

3 thoughts on “Oxnard PD Officer Kyle Brantner, implicated in Robert Ramirez homicide, describes self as “Trash Collector,” “Cleaning up Garbage”

  1. Wow!! I was pulled over by Steven Ramirez, he seemed overzealous in a bad way, like he really wanted to intimidate someone but I put him in his place logically by asking him a set of questions. I really felt like I was actually being harassed and treated like a criminal for a minor infraction that I will be pleading not guilty to. This officer has no business patrolling our streets with his behavior and harassing ways. I don’t hate anyone but I really dislike this officer, be very careful of him, It appears he is a killer cop and will not hesitate to use deadly force when not warranted as in the case of Robert.

  2. Be very carefull these guys also do illegal search and seizure any reason to pull anyone ove I went door to door and not 1 of my neighbors trust OPD telling me things like ” shut the fuck up your going to jail” yea and my fav a Hispanic cop here in Oxnard to me I was a disgrace 4 his/my race I see them and acknowledge they just wanna pull anyone over for harassment I see it happen to a lot of youngsters ages between 16 29 that sickens me and its skandless opd be aware I stand with todo powder al pueblos.

  3. My bad horrible spelling my phone has word check . One more this WE NEED A OUTSIDE SOURCE TO INVESTIGATE WHEN COPS MAKE A MISTAKE THAT HAVE NO ATTATCHMENT TO THE BADGE OR CITY THAT HAVE LOVE FOR ITS PEOPLE . I seen some fucked up shit certain cops kids get a free cocaine pass because of daddy/mommy position on the force and that’s b.s..

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