Oxnard Police Officer, “Basurero” Kyle Brantner, Eats His Own Hat – VCStar coverage


More on “Basurero” Brantner, implicated in the homicide of Robert Ramirez, now asking for forgiveness in a phony apology ordered by his boss, Chief Jeri Williams:

An Oxnard police officer publicly apologized Tuesday night for writing on Facebook that his job is to remove the city’s trash.

Officer Kyle Brantner is one of seven named in a federal lawsuit filed against the department this month regarding an overdosing man who died of asphyxia last summer after police restrained him.

Brantner made the statement in the open comment period of the City Council meeting. Dressed in civilian clothes, he said he’d come to speak to the council as a citizen and not at the direction of his department.

“In the posting, I identified myself — as a bad joke — as someone who removes trash for the city of Oxnard,” he said.

In retrospect, he told the council, “I wholly understand how others have interpreted the comment as being disparaging to members of our community, which was never my intent.”

Brantner said he posted the wording three years ago and deleted it as soon as it was brought to his attention.

“I only wish that I could remove the hurt feelings I caused with another push of a computer button,” he said.

A community group that has alleged police harassment in Oxnard, the Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective, posted apparent screenshots from Brantner’s Facebook profile on its website in December. One portion shows the words “trash collector” under the heading “Oxnard Sanitation Department,” along with the phrase: “Cleaning up the city’s garbage.”

Brantner did not refer to the group by name Tuesday, but said a community group had raised concerns about the posting.

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