Statement from the United Front for Justice and Dignity, October 5 2013: Obama • Stop The Deportations! Deferred Action For All!



Statement from the United Front for Justice and Dignity, October 5 2013

Obama – Stop the Deportations – Deferred Action For All!

The Obama Immigration Plan, S.744, is a betrayal to the cause of fair and humane immigration reform.  Its provisions will wreak havoc on the lives of immigrants nationallly and lead to the further deportation of millions of migrant workers.  Furthermore, it does the following:

  • Creates a border militarization initiative of $46 billion, 20,000 additional border agents, 700 mile more fencing, drones, satellites, and dogs
  • Creates a massive bracero program of up to 400,000 high-tech and low-skilled workers annually to compete with domestic workers
  • A ten-year temporary permit that does not guarantee legal permanent residency status for the 11 million undocumented persons
  • Only an estimated 4 million of the 11 million would potentially qualify for the temporary permit, and the remainder would be deported
  • Single female heads-of-household would not qualify for the temporary permit due to the annual income requirement of $24,000 to $30,000
  • Makes nearly impossible for legal permanent residents and U.S. citizens to emigrate family members in the future for Mexicans and Central Americans
  •  Interior enforcement at the work-place with E-verify creates the first national ID card for immigrant workers and potentially later for U.S. citizens

President Obama has deported 1.6 million persons since taking office and will reach 2 million by the end of 2013, more than any president in American history.

Fair and Humane Immigration Reform for us means the following:

  • Legal permanent resident status for all undocumented that desire it who were in the U.S. prior to the enactment of the legislation
  • No border surge militarization
  • No bracero/guest-worker programs.  New worker entrants to the U.S. should be granted legal permanent resident status
  • No E-verify interior enforcement at the work-place, but instead rigorous enforcement of wage and hour, and health/safety regulations and rights to organize a unión
  • Immediate halt to deportations and granting of deferred action status to all undocumented who desire it Frente Unido Para La Justicia y La Dignidad!

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