Save the Date: Dec. 7, 2013: United Front for Justice and Dignity Conference: End the deportations! Deferred Action for All!




UNITED FRONT FOR DIGNITY AND JUSTICE FOR IMMIGRANTS CONVENES ITS SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CONFERENCE AROUND THE DEMANDS ON PRESIDENT OBAMA TO STOP DEPORTATIONS NOW AND GRANT DEFERRED ACTION TO ALL ELIGIBLE UNDOCUMENTEDImmigration reform has stalled in Congress while both political parties begin the blame game and point fingers at each other to find fault. President Obama claims that he does not have the authority to stop deportations, but he certainly is the responsible party for deporting 2 million of our family members and separating them from each other. Yet, only recently he granted deferred action status to family members of military veterans. This is the second deferred action program over the past year-and-a-half due to Congress’s unwillingness to approve immigration reform. And, we don’t want just any type of immigration reform. We are fighting for one that is fair and humane. That means no guest-worker (bracero) programs, legal status for all (legalization), no border militarization, no E-verify, and no secured communities program obligating police collaboration with Department of Homeland Security. Everything before our eyes today is mere political theatrics to garner favor with Latino and Asian American voters for the 2014 elections. And, we are asked to wait another year, or two, or more. Now is the time to act to protect our families!

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