Oxnard Police Chief Williams: Officers involved in killings “suffer as well as community members”




“According to witnesses, Alfonso Limon, Jr., in full view of multiple CITY OF OXNARD officers, put his hands up and yelled multiple times ‘don’t shoot, don’t shoot.’ Despite Alfonso Limon, Jr.’s pleas, police officers shot him and he fell to the ground. While on the ground and still alive, multiple officers approached him and continued to shoot at him and killed him.” – Attorneys of the Limon family http://tinyurl.com/OPDLimonClaim

VIDEO: 10/13/12 – Alfonso Limon, Jr. shot to death by the Oxnard Police (WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGERY AND SOUND)

“When critical incidents happen, community members may not want to listen to anyone in the quote-unquote establishment… The community needs to know that no officer wants to be involved in a shooting. THEY SUFFER AS WELL AS COMMUNITY MEMBERS.” – Oxnard Police Department Chief Jeri Williams speaks to The Monterey County Herald, 5/27/14

If you have any information on Senior Officer John Brisslinger, Officer (ret.) Ernie Orozco, Officer Don Ehrhardt, Officer Jess Aragon, Officer Rocky Marquez, Officer Ryan Lockner, Officers Zack Stiles (also responsible for the shooting death of unarmed Timothy Chacon), and Officers Matthew Ross and Pedro Rodriguez (both involved in Robert Ramirez homicide), please contact us at (805) 3-AVISO-3 // (805) 328-4763!


One thought on “Oxnard Police Chief Williams: Officers involved in killings “suffer as well as community members”

  1. To be considered, along with the obvious charges of murder and related, this was an obvious case of Racial Profiling which must be included in the accusations. Alfonso Limon appeared similar to the two men who were being pursued by the same police who killed him. He was young and he was Mexican.
    Why else would they have shot him unless there was a factor of pre-meditation involved? Pre-meditation would be a logical consideration in that three officers were involved in the killing of Timmothy Chacon and Robert Ramirez.
    Note: The District Attorney has not explained the unusually long delay in taking action on this case. No other case of this nature has taken this long. The people, particularly the mother, relatives and loved ones of Alfonso Limone live in constant agony wondering if justice will serve them. Although there is no statute of limitations in murder allegations, there are other possible allegations that fall under the statute of limitations rule. The issue of a Conflict of Interest that could be a factor in District Attorney Greg Totten’s delay, one would seem, is a logical charge that could apply to the DA.

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