VIDEO: DA Clears Oxnard Police of Wrongdoing in “Justified” Slaying of Innocent Bystander Alfonso Limon

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On Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 relatives said Alfonso Limon Jr., 21, and his brother worked-out at Pacifica High and then started walking home along Garfield Avenue.
At the same time, Oxnard Police said a traffic stop turned violent and officers shot at suspects who police say shot at them. Two people died including Limon.
Ventura County District Attorney Greg Totten announced on Wednesday that none of the nine officers involved would face criminal charges. The D.A.’s report called Limon “innocent”, but said the officer’s actions were “justified.”
Limon’s sister and mother joined dozens of friends for a silent protest outside the Oxnard Police station Wednesday night and again at the scene of the 2012 hooting in La Colonia.
The family settled a wrongful death lawsuit for nearly $7 million with the department. Rebacca Limon said she would gladly return every penny to have her brother back.

MORE KEYT COVERAGE: OXNARD, Ca. – Alfonso Limon Jr.’s mother and sister said they were upset and not surprised by the decision not to charge the officers who shot and killed their brother as he walked home in their La Colonia neighborhood.
… Rebecca Limon said she doesn’t understand how they could shoot her brother 21 times and not face any criminal charges.
“It’s just disgusting how there’s no accountability for their actions whatsoever, there are no consequences… they’re free to kill our loved ones and they’re free to go back on the streets and patrol.”


7 thoughts on “VIDEO: DA Clears Oxnard Police of Wrongdoing in “Justified” Slaying of Innocent Bystander Alfonso Limon

  1. Brian Buchner President of the National Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement will be giving a presentation soon at the Community Relations Commission. We need everyone who has a complaint or concern about the police to be there. I will let you know the date and time. Brian is not only the president but also the head of civilian oversight in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, William Wilkins of Housing will be at our meeting on the 21t of July at 6:00pm in the council chambers. We need those who are having problems and issues to be at this meeting. WE MUST BE ACTIVE IF WE ARE TO CHANGE THINGs! Travis Kelly Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 06:02:44 +0000 To:

  2. I would like to invite you to our public safety subcommittee meeting on August 13 . We will be discussing objectives and goals and we would like your input as we tackle issues of discrimination and unequal treatment by any city entity. It is important that if we are to be successful, we must have the community to support us and to address any concerns they may have regarding unfair / unequal and discriminatory treatment. Please see attached! Travis Kelly- Community Relations Commissioner Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2014 11:43:35 -0700

  3. Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2014 11:52:49 -0700 Subject: Re: FW: City of Oxnard’s Multicultural Festival Update… From: To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; CC:;;;;;;

    Dear Mayor, council people, and others, I am forwarding this email chain to you because I think you need to get involved to help fix this pressing issue. It appears that Oxnard PD is withholding sponsorship of the city’s multicultural festival in retaliation for the Citizen Review Commission’s position on the need for more citizen oversight.

    I don’t want to discipline any officers or the department, I understand the police have a very difficult position and need our support. However, the police work for the city, we all need to be on the same page about what the city’s priorities are.

    This response is evidence of a larger problem, that our local police do not feel part of the general community. They see citizens review as against their better interests. Their expectation is that any review will be unfair.

    We need to do more to reduce the blame and focus on preventing the next problem before it occurs. We need to create an open dialog and treat this as a community issue, rather than a discipline issue

    Some of my ideas for how to address the problem are: 1 – Make gun ownership much more difficult and expensive. Raise the cost of gun licenses to be as high as possible and make each license holder submit a list of guns owned, and add a fee for each gun owned. There really ought to be some sort of liability insurance we can demand that gun owners get like auto liability for cars. I think if police have the power to confiscate more guns and know that there are fewer guns in the community, they will feel safer and shoot less.

    2 – Add more cameras around the community (especially around schools, parks and busy streets) with feed easily available to the police, so that they can solve more crimes and get the bad guys off the streets.

    3 – Minimize forced overtime for officers – treat their down time as essential. 4 – Provide a more robust support system for processing complaints. There should be a way to resolve issues without leaving either party angry or hanging. Covering up problems just makes things fester and reserface in an uglier form. We need a system that allows each complaint to be documented and addressed, not just silenced.

    5 – We, as a city, need to invest in more outreach and community development, more communication and touchy feely stuff. What form and who should pay is of course the big question, but it should not be settled by personal grudges. We need to see that creating community will help Oxnard grow and reduce the number of multimillion dollar settlements from mistakes. We need to see that economic development cannot flourish until we get the issues of safety and personal liberty addressed.

    6 – We as a city need to do more to invest in our youth and keep them from getting in trouble in the first place. There are a lot of viewpoints to consider here. My suggestions are just my ideas. Obviously, it’s the elected Mayor and council who are the authority required to resolve these issues.

    I’m just forwarding this email to help promote dialog on the subject. I don’t mean to attack anyone. I just want us to talk it out so that we can see what we all have in common, and work together.

    I apologize to anyone I forgot to cc., please forward on to anyone you think might be interested. -Mina Nichols(805) 241-0875

  4. From: To: Subject: RE: City of Oxnard’s Multicultural Festival Update… Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 11:59:54 -0600

    It is regrettable that your have taken this decision on an issue that is very relevant all over the country and that is policing. The country is in the midst of a national conversation given the events in Missouri as well as New York with regard to communities of color. Why does the multicultural festival have to be the causality. It is most unfortunate that we cannot have a dialogue in this matter. A dialogue that would eventually benefit both the police and the community. Travis Kelly Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 07:10:02 -0700 Subject: Re: FW: City of Oxnard’s Multicultural Festival Update… From: To: CC:

    I appreciate your email and your difference of opinion, even though it is far from the truth. My organization nor I are revengeful and we are very supportive of our community. My organization donates over $60,000 a year to youth and community groups within the city. All of the groups we donate to are very diverse and serve a great purpose, making Oxnard a better place. Just because we have a difference of opinion and choose not to support your event, doesn’t mean we don’t support the diversity in the city.

  5. Seems like they can’t make up their mind on our sub committee with the police. Travis Kelly

    Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2015 15:25:56 -0700

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