Trail for Humanity: OXNARD


JOIN the Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective and other members of our community for an evening of culture, music, and powerful discussion as we welcome the brave mujeres in the Trail For Humanity, who are making a 300-mile, 30-day pilgrimage from Merced to the U.S. – Mexico border. This event is FREE and all workers, families, and students are welcome!

The goals:

  • Pressure the Obama administration to put a halt to its deportation enforcement only regime until the Senate and House come together and pass a Just and Humane Immigration Reform,
  • Not 1 more deportation!
  • Call for an end to the use of Police as Immigration enforcement Agents, no to the failed Secure Communities and 287g programs, No a la Poli-Migra!
  • Demand an end to family separations, 3,750,000 of citizen children have had a parent deported.
  • Stem the tide toward Racial Profiling that has incarcerated so many migrant and African American brothers and sisters, no to SB 1070 and copycat laws, no to gang injunctions, Stop “stop and frisk” and the targeted check points in migrant communities.

“In the name of social justice and human rights, we… have pledged to walk over 300 miles to the Los Angeles Detention Center to give voice to the people suffering from injustice around the world. We especially seek to raise awareness on a global scale about the atrocities occurring along the US-Mexico border and within Arizona. The terrorization of women and children, the countless lives lost and signified by unmarked graves, and the inhumane treatment of people must all come to an end. We are walking to bring these realities to the forefront. We demand protection of immigrant women and their families, comprehensive immigration reform, and the eradication of racial profiling policies. A Trail for Humanity reminds us that we are all Arizona. The attacks made on our documented, undocumented, and migrant brothers and sisters can no longer be silenced. We are all subject to the cruel systems of racism, sexism, and border and body politics that perpetuate violence. We are taking a stand against violence, especially the kind that target women and children. Join us as we pave a trail for humanity.”


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