Oxnard Police harassment, Colonia: “Want me to start jacking people up? Call some friends over?”

January 3, 2013 – OXNARD, CA – 700 block of Cooper road, off McKinley Avenue
“Want me to start jacking people up? Call some friends over?”
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IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ON THIS OFFICER (Name, other incidents) PLEASE CONTACT (805) 3-AVISO-3 // (805) 328-4763 or e-mail us at poder805@riseup.net
At the scene of a hit-and-run collision in Colonia, an unidentified Oxnard Police Department officer encounters Al, a resident of the neighborhood who is witnessing the crime scene. Telling Al to “bounce,” the officer then threatens to “jack some people up” (Al and his friends) and “call some friends over.” The officer then bluffs that he believes Al is on probation. The officer, frustrated by Al’s confident assertion of his rights, then uses physical force and intimidation in an attempt to incite a “reason” to detain, arrest, or brutalize the youth.
Al commented afterwards that the officer was very comfortable committing his misconduct and adopting an unprovoked aggressive attitude against the community. Oxnard Police officers behave like this on a daily basis and are known to violate the rights of working class Chicanos and Mexicanos constantly, especially in Colonia. We’ve had enough — we demand respect and dignified treatment!

– ALWAYS be prepared to record the cops, 24/7! This can serve to protect you and your friends & family. This can be used as evidence of misconduct in complaints or even lawsuits against crooked police officers and the departments that protect them.
– Cops rely on intimidation and fear to violate our rights, and they can legally lie. If the police attempt to bully you or bluff their way into getting you to answer their questions, stand your ground! Ask “Am I being detained? Am I free to go?” Do NOT consent to any searches, and let the officer know this! You cannot be arrested or detained for refusing to answer questions. If you are being detained, practice your right to SILENCE and ask for your lawyer! The law doesn’t require that you show the police your I.D. unless you’re getting a ticket.
More information: http://www.todopoderalpueblo.org

3 de enero de 2013 — OXNARD, CA — 700 calle Cooper y Avenida McKinley
“¿Quieres que empiece a chingar a gente? ¿Qué le llame a unos amigos?”

SI USTED TIENE CUALQUIER INFORMACIÓN SOBRE ESTE OFICIAL (nombre u otros incidentes que haya provocado) por favor póngase en contacto con el Colectivo Todo Poder al Pueblo:
(805) 3-AVISO-3 / / (805) 328-4763 o envíenos un correo electrónico a poder805@riseup.net

En la escena de un accidente ‘choque y fuga’ en La Colonia, un oficial no identificado del Departamento de Policía de Oxnard se encuentra con Al, un residente de la vecindad que está en el área y es testigo del crimen. El oficial le dice a Al que se largue, “bounce”, y con una amenaza dirigida a él y a sus amigos dice que va a chingarse a unas personas, “jack some people up”, y a llamarle a algunos amigos para que le ayuden. El oficial luego finge saber que Al está en libertad condicional o “probation”. El oficial, frustrado por la tranquila afirmación de Al sobre sus derechos, comienza a utilizar fuerza física e intimidación para intentar incitar una “razón” para detener o abusar del joven.

En un comentario después del incidente, Al dijo que el oficial parecía estar muy cómodo al cometer su mala conducta y en adoptar una actitud agresiva no-provocada contra la comunidad. Oficiales de la policía de Oxnard se comportan de esta forma diariamente y se sabe que regularmente violan los derechos de la clase obrera, en su mayoría mexicanos y Chicanos, constantemente y especialmente en la vecindad de La Colonia. ¡Ya hemos soportado lo suficiente — exigimos respeto y trato digno!

– SIEMPRE esté preparado para grabar a los policías, ¡24 horas al día/7 días a la semana! Esto puede servir para protegerlo a usted y sus amigos. Grabar puede servir como evidencia de mala conducta en quejas o incluso demandas judiciales contra policías corruptos y los departamentos que los protegen.

– Policías dependen de la intimidación y el miedo para violar nuestros derechos y ellos pueden mentir legalmente. Si la policía intenta intimidarlo o manipularlo para que usted responda a sus preguntas, ¡RESISTA! Pregunte si está detenido o si es libre para irse, “Am I being detained or may I leave? Afirme que NO DA consentimiento a ningún tipo de búsqueda. No puede ser arrestado o detenido por negarse a responder preguntas. Si es detenido utilice su derecho al silencio y pida comunicarse con su abogado (aunque no tenga). La ley no requiere que usted le muestre a la policía su tarjeta de identificación a menos que le estén dando una infracción/ticket.

Para más información: http://www.todopoderalpueblo.org (805) 3-AVISO-3 / / (805) 328-4763

One thought on “Oxnard Police harassment, Colonia: “Want me to start jacking people up? Call some friends over?”

  1. Something MUST be done about the Oxnard P.D. ( a.k.a. Gangsters with passes) and their blatant disregard for the civil rights of our residents.I am an upstanding, hardworking resident of this city and have lived here 39 yrs. In the past 4 yrs I have commuted to school and work by bicycle in part because my licence was suspended but more recently because of high gas prices. In those four years I have been stopped more than 7 times for an array of unacceptable reasons. I was told by one officer that he just wanted to talk to me. Twice more I was pulled over for wearing a backpack. Once detained for suspicion of being under the influence of narcotics, then released because they had nothing. But the most popular one to date is “you resemble a suspect were looking for.” That time they asked to pat my pockets down to search for weapons. Having nothing to hide I agreed. The officer then reached into all of my pockets. As I tried to stop him because he only asked to pat the outside of my pockets I was thrown to the ground.Never once charged with anything. Its obvious that a memo has been sent down to harass People on bikes or with backpacks or anyone that isnt white for that matter.

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