Mother speaks out on the Oxnard PD officer-committed homicide of Robert Ramirez on night of 6/23/12

Until now, Robert’s mother, Teresa Delgado Ramirez, has not been able to tell her side of the story due to the media bias that unconditionally favors the Oxnard Police Department. Her son Robert Ramirez, age 26, died in June at the hands of the OPD. A Ventura County medical examiner’s report called the death of Ramirez a homicide.
Here she clears the record on her family’s experience of the brutal killing of Robert.
“I personally knocked on every door… I heard personally how he screamed, how he begged them to stop.”

Officers implicated in the homicide of Robert:
Senior Officer Steven Ramirez, 9 years of service
Officer Michael Bocanegra, 8 years of service
Officer Roslynn Wilfert, 5 years of service
Officer Pedro Rodriguez, 5 years of service
Officer Aaron Zavala, 4 years of service
Officer Kyle Brantner, 2 years of service
Officer Matthew Ross, 2 years of service

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