MARCH FOR JUSTICE! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE! 1 Year Anniversary – Alfonso Limón, Jr. – Present!


This Sunday, our community will be marching alongside the family of Alfonso Limón to prove to the City, the District Attorney, and the WORLD that we have NOT forgotten the murder of Alfonso by the Oxnard Police Department and we will NOT accept the injustice of allowing his killers to remain in our streets! We STILL demand answers, and justice for ALL victims of police brutality!

Alfonso Limón, Jr. did not die in vain, and his spilled blood hasn’t evaporated or washed away —it sank deep into our streets and into our hearts, and became embedded into our memory and consciousness. Unless we continue fighting every day, Robert Ramírez, Michael Mahoney, Alfonso Limón and José Zepeda will merely be statistics. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE.

Oxnard Police officers implicated in the the slaying of Alfonso Limon, Jr: Senior Officer John Brisslinger, Ernie Orozco, Don Ehrhardt, Jess Aragon, Rocky Marquez, Pedro Rodriguez, Ryan Lockner, Zack Stiles, Matthew Ross

One thought on “MARCH FOR JUSTICE! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE! 1 Year Anniversary – Alfonso Limón, Jr. – Present!

  1. I am Travis Kelly, commissioner of the Community Relations Commission and I am very interested in working with you on the issue of the police in La Colonia. Our vice chairman, Ernest Stein is now on the police advisory board.we are interested in getting feedback from you regarding the police killings including Alfonso Limon. Our commission meets each third Monday at the City Chambers. We have questioned the police regarding the killing of Michael Mahoney. Further we have confronted the police regarding the need for better training of police officers as they relate to La Colonia residents. We would be pleased to have your representative to come and speak at our commission meeting at 6:00pm in October.

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