OXNARD Protesta/Vigilia: POLICIAS ASESINOS PERTENECEN A LA CARCEL // Killer Cops Belong Behind Bars!


OXNARD Protest/Vigil: Killer Cops Belong Behind Bars!

2pm Saturday 7/12/14, meet at the parking lot on the corner of 4th and C st. (across from Peacocks), Downtown Oxnard. We will march to the Oxnard Police Department to demand an end to police violence, and no more stolen lives! No justice no peace!



200pm 7/12/2014 Nos veremos en el estacionamiento de la esquina de la calle 4 y la calle “C (Frente a Peacock) en el centro de la ciudad de Oxnard vamos a MARCHAR hacia el Departamento de Policia para exigir un ALTO a la violencia emprendida por la Policía. NO MÁS VIDAS PÉRDIDAS BAJO LAS MANOS DE LA POLICÍA DE OXNARD!! Sin justicia, no hay paz!

Juan Zavala (6/28/14), Alfonso Limon (10/13/12), Michael Mahoney (8/14/12), Robert Ramirez (6/23/12) ~ PRESENTE!

VIDEO: The Dirty Tactics of the Oxnard Police Department / Las Tácticas Sucias del Departamento de Policía de Oxnard

6:51 Killer cops Brisslinger and “Jess” call community march “f#cking @ssholes”

October 13, 2013: To silence the community’s demands for justice, the Oxnard Police Department sent undercover officers to the October 13, 2013 One-Year Anniversary March commemorating the fatal police shooting of Alfonso Limon, Jr. and Jose Zepeda. Senior Officer John Brisslinger, the highest-ranking cop implicated in the killings, was one of the officers. He was joined by another officer, Jess Aragon, who also fired at Limon. Their purpose was to prepare bogus criminal charges against the families, the community, and organizers with the Todo Poder Al Pueblo Collective. Francisco “Chavo” Romero was later singled out and given 5 citations for his participation in the peaceful march. Our community has a right to organize to defend itself — OPD, drop the charges! Killer cops belong behind bars!

Con el propósito de silenciar las demandas de Justicia de la Comunidad, el Departamento de Policía de Oxnard mando a policías en cubiertos a la marcha del dia 13 de Octubre de 2013 al Primer Aniversario en conmemoración de la fatal muerte de Alfonso Limón y José Zepeda en la que participaron 9 Policías de Oxnard. El oficial John Brisslinger, con el mas alto rango implicado en las muertes fue uno de los policías encubiertos al igual que “Jess” otro oficial.
El propósito fue preparar cargos contra los organizadores de la marcha, las familias de las victimas y el Colectivo Todo Poder al Pueblo
y a Francisco “Chavo” Romero a quien más tarde le presentaron 5 cargos por su participación en la Marcha Pacífica.
Nuestra comunidad tiene derecho a organizarse y a defenderse!!-OPD retira los cargos!! Los policías asesinos a las rejas! !
Nosotros demostramos que marchamos pacíficamente, unimos nuestras voluntades con el único fin de ser escuchados, Todo Poder al Pueblo es un colectivo del pueblo y para el pueblo no hay líderazgo, hay organización, No hay delito al pedir justicia pero si existe delito al reprimir a los compañeros que insistentemente se nombraban en la grabación.

Senior Officer John Brisslinger

Senior Officer John Brisslinger

Officer Jess Aragon

Officer Jess Aragon

VIDEO: DA Clears Oxnard Police of Wrongdoing in “Justified” Slaying of Innocent Bystander Alfonso Limon

On Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 relatives said Alfonso Limon Jr., 21, and his brother worked-out at Pacifica High and then started walking home along Garfield Avenue.
At the same time, Oxnard Police said a traffic stop turned violent and officers shot at suspects who police say shot at them. Two people died including Limon.
Ventura County District Attorney Greg Totten announced on Wednesday that none of the nine officers involved would face criminal charges. The D.A.’s report called Limon “innocent”, but said the officer’s actions were “justified.”
Limon’s sister and mother joined dozens of friends for a silent protest outside the Oxnard Police station Wednesday night and again at the scene of the 2012 hooting in La Colonia.
The family settled a wrongful death lawsuit for nearly $7 million with the department. Rebacca Limon said she would gladly return every penny to have her brother back.

MORE KEYT COVERAGE: OXNARD, Ca. – Alfonso Limon Jr.’s mother and sister said they were upset and not surprised by the decision not to charge the officers who shot and killed their brother as he walked home in their La Colonia neighborhood.
… Rebecca Limon said she doesn’t understand how they could shoot her brother 21 times and not face any criminal charges.
“It’s just disgusting how there’s no accountability for their actions whatsoever, there are no consequences… they’re free to kill our loved ones and they’re free to go back on the streets and patrol.”


ANALYSIS: Obama’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost


By: Nativo Vigil Lopez ©

July 1, 2014 – Los Angeles, California

James Russell Lowell wrote in 1870, “All our mistakes sooner or later surely come home to roost.” The older fuller form was curses are like chickens; they always come home to roost, meaning that your offensive words or actions are likely at some point to rebound on you.  And, the offensive actions of President Barack Obama over the past six years in terms of mass deportations, prolonged incarcerations, streamlined removals, and border and interior immigration enforcement, have certainly come back to haunt him, his administration, and the U.S. Congress.

The current humanitarian crisis of the explosive number of unaccompanied minors on the U.S. southern border, at last count 52,000, but increasing daily, is no mere accident.  Over the past two years the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has tracked the incremental increase of minors attempting to cross the border, over two-thirds from Central American countries and the remaining one-third from Mexico.  For example, DHS was aware that more than 25,000 minors arrived unaccompanied at the U.S. border seeking entry in 2013.  Aside from doing nothing to address the underlying causes of this refugee exodus – failing states and collapsing economies in a region where the U.S. has historically meddled economically and militarily – it is a crisis that could easily have been anticipated and prepared for and not presented by the corporate media and the administration to the public as a sudden unexpected occurrence.  And, yet, without seeming insensitive to the plight of tens of thousands of children and youngsters, this situation is symptomatic of a deeper systematic catastrophe.

Record deportations, now exceeding 2 million, have resulted in devastating and near unprecedented separation of families; twenty-five percent of the deported are reported to have U.S.-born children; and an estimated 500,000 U.S. citizen minors find themselves in Mexico as undocumented Americans obliged to accompany their deported undocumented Mexican parents.  In effect, these children find themselves exiled from their birthright to a land foreign to them.  The number of similarly exiled youngsters to Central American countries are unavailable, but undoubtedly also large.  Additionally, 36,000 privatized jail beds are permanently filled by the migrant adult wards of the state because they are arbitrarily budgeted to be so by Congress with the complicity of the president.

The mutual acrimonious rhetoric and foot-dragging between the Democrats and Republicans related to “comprehensive immigration reform” has come to naught as the country moves closer to November’s mid-term elections.  Even the proposed legislation passed by the Senate last year, numbered S.744, is primarily enforcement laden and defers preferentially to the cheap labor demands of industry and agriculture.  The brokered provisional legal status offered to the 11 million undocumented looks nothing like the generous amnesty signed into law by Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1986.  Reputable legal experts estimate that less than 60 percent of the potential applicants would qualify for the tenuous status.  Minimum wage earning female heads of household with children, for example, would not qualify and therefore be held deportable.

In effect, America’s immigration system is in structural and social crisis as policy-makers and legislators seek to transition away from family reunification in deference to a labor skills- based point system to legally immigrate to the U.S.  Under such an immigration regime most Mexicans and Central Americans would not pass muster, although they make up the bulk of today’s undocumented population.

But, back to the unaccompanied minors – President Obama’s press conference this past Monday sought to allay fears about his capacity to deal with the challenge, demonstrate his commitment to secure the border, declare another ultimatum to Republican House members to pass immigration reform by the end of summer, and threaten use of executive action to address the system’s inadequacies in absence of legislation.   He will request $2 billion from Congress immediately upon their return from the Fourth of July break to further militarize the border.

Perhaps most important is what Obama did not share with the public.  He feigned to his political left with yet another promise for executive action in a placating maneuver and once again delayed the moment to walk the walk.  But, he steadfastly moved to the political right with his proposed emergency allocation to secure the border and his intention to seek expedited removal of the children refugees to their countries of origin, notwithstanding the 2008 bipartisan legislation approved under his predecessor, George W., to codify due process protections of unaccompanied minors – except for Mexicans and Canadians.

Obama, the much heralded constitutional law professor and first black president of the U.S., will first have to attack the due process rights of children refugees and undo current legal protections and procedures put into place to safeguard their well-being, even if only temporarily, in order to expedite their deportation.  This is the equivalent of Mexicanizing the Central American minors in that Mexican minors, being from a contiguous country, do not enjoy the same protections under the 2008 statute.

The public little acknowledges that the U.S. Constitution, especially all of the inherent protections against government abuse and overreach, applies equally to the unaccompanied minors immediately upon setting foot on American soil, as it does to the most red-bloodied American amongst us.

Shamefully, Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas (28th District) and Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey, both Democrats, are working feverishly behind the scenes to clear the legislative path for President Obama to meet the humanitarian crisis with more stick and not much carrot.  Removal of the Bush-era due process rights and protections is the task they have accepted.  However, undermining the rights of these minors has ominous implications for the rights of all U.S. citizens.  It is a fatal and futile attempt to plug the proverbial dam with a finger, which will only lead to greater crises. Yes, curses are like chickens; they always come home to roost.  #####


Copyright © 2014 – Nativo Vigil Lopez, advisor to Hermandad Mexicana founded in 1951.

UPDATE/ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS: Oxnard Police v. Romero y Colectivo Todo Poder al Pueblo

  • Seguimos escapando de los mezquinos deseos de venganza y represalias de el Departamento de Policía de Oxnard, hoy una vez más sus deseos fueron infructuosos OPD ha sido ordenado a entregar todos los registros relacionados con el Colectivo Todo Poder Al Pueblo y a nuestro compañero Francisco “Chavo” Romero por ser uno de los voluntarios en ayudar a organizar a las familias contra los injustificados delitos de asesinatos cometidos contra nuestra Comunidad. 
  • We continue chipping away at the petty and vindictive attempts at retribution by the Oxnard Police Department. Now the OPD has to hand over all records related to the targeting of the Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective and our comrade Francisco “Chavo” Romero for organizing with families against the unjustified crimes of murder committed against our community.

Thank you to the Law Office of James P. Segall-Gutierrez!


Justicia derecho, razón, equidad…


Justicia derecho, razón, equidad… privilegio, oyeron bien no me equivoque al decir privilegio, ese mentado mal entonado PRIVILEGIO que tiene los pocos que desde sus sillas arriba de su peldaño y con el dedo señalan a los muchos para cubrir a los pocos, privilegio de ellos, los pocos al decidir vendar las heridas de la familia con vendajes comprados con el fondo económico de todos, privilegio así de claro es! Perdiendo la razón y la equidad, privilegio de vendar las noches de insomnio, los deseo infructuosos de ver entrar por la puerta al ser amado, a la voz pegada a la memoria pidiendo ayuda, a la terrible amargura y preguntas constantes por que tuvo que morir? Privilegio de usar un vendaje millonario aplicado a estas heridas que aún sangran pero no sanadas por que siguen ahí abiertas hoy más abiertas que antes cuando nos enteramos de los detalles de la muerte del joven Limón. 

Hoy quienes vemos Y palpamos la JUSTICIA desde abajo SIN SILLAS NI PELDAÑOS exigimos NI PERDON, Ni OLVIDO, NI FALSAS DECLARACIONES MEDIÁTICAS de reconciliación ante la Injusticia cometida con los muertos bajo las manos del departamento de Policía de este condado, exigimos tan solo equidad en la aplicación de la justicia cuando cada uno de los que estamos acá presentes en caso de cometer un delito no sólo la pagaríamos con propios salarios también iríamos a prisión seriamos juzgados aun que el motivo hubiese sido no premeditado. Exigimos paren de perseguir a quienes decidimos salir a las calles a hacer uso de nuestro derecho a NO CALLAR, Exigimos con el mismo derecho que ustedes tienen desde sus peldaños, exigimos pues que se bajen de ahí y miren la vida desde abajo!

Todo Poder al Pueblo Speakers respond to Oxnard settlement with Limon family

Volunteers of the Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective came to the Oxnard City Council to demand justice. Our community can’t forgive or forget the crimes against us. No justice no peace! // Voluntarios de Todo Poder al Pueblo, ayer en cabildos de la Ciudad de Oxnard exigiendo Justicia, ni perdon, ni olvido! Sin justicia no hay paz. Organización es vida, sumisión es la muerte!

“You can’t just throw money at the problem and hope that it goes away. Peace of mind and security aren’t so cheap either, when we’re talking about a community that was terrorized by what happened that night. This is why we say ‘No justice, no peace.'”

“Exigimos con el mismo derecho que ustedes tienen desde sus peldaños, exigimos pues que se bajen de ahí y miren la vida desde abajo!”

Officers who killed Alfonso Limon, Jr. and Jose Zepeda: Senior Officer John Brisslinger, Officer (ret.) Ernie Orozco, Officer Don Ehrhardt, Officer Jess Aragon, Officer Rocky Marquez, Officer Pedro Rodriguez (also involved in Robert Ramirez homicide), Officer Ryan Lockner, Officer Zack Stiles (also responsible for the shooting death of unarmed Timothy Chacon), and Officer Matthew Ross (also involved in Robert Ramirez homicide)

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