Trump: The Doctrine of Terror

above: comrades in Barrio Logan, San Diego, CA. rally against Donald Trump’s electoral victory

SPANISHSince the beginning of his political campaign, Donald Trump aggressively launched threats against almost everybody, and we were aware that once he took office he would follow through with some of his promises.

We are not surprised by the decisions taken up to now, as capitalism’s primary objective is to protect its profits and ability to dominate us without any concern for the extreme exploitation of the only planet we have to sustain us: Mother Earth. Capitalism is also not concerned with the humanitarian aspects of the extreme exploitation of the people who sustain the economies of the world economic system, nor is it concerned with global poverty, nor by the killing of children by U.S. bombardments. No, none of that concerns them; their preoccupation is capital, i.e. money.

Trump isn’t initiating something new or unknown, he’s part of a continuous trend pushed forward by former presidents. While former “leaders” may have been more discreet, Trump applies his doctrine of terror in an attempt to dominate and demobilize us. The measures aren’t immediate since their application requires millions, if not billions, of dollars whose expenditure Congress will have to approve prior to their implementation by the state. However, in the meantime, we have to focus on one task: organizing.

  • Organize, know your neighbors, talk with them, share experiences and watch each other’s backs while they watch yours.
  • Learn about your rights: even under anti-immigrant measures, we have rights and must know them to defend them.
  • Do not allow terror to immobilize you
  • Take precautionary measures, instruct your family on what to do in case ICE knocks on your door
  • Explain to your children what happens without alarming them and prepare them to understand and process these events.
  • Remember that we are the majority. United and organized, we can resist.
  • Assist the workshops in the community to learn/teach self-defense.
  • Report any violations of your rights to our page Todo Poder al Pueblo or our hotline, (805) 328-4763, so we may support you.
  • Remember we are NOT alone, we are more than 11 million immigrants who remain unrecognized within this country.

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