Hon. Cruz Reynoso letter to Oxnard College Pres. Dr. Richard Duran re: April 27 Police Brutality civil rights conference

Cruz Reynoso in El Centro as young lawyer.

NOTE: The Honorable Cruz Reynoso, the first Chicano Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court, a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, and professor emeritus of law at UC Davis, will deliver a keynote address on the civil responsibilities and rights which citizens and residents enjoy in our state and country, civic engagement to better our communities, and his ongoing involvement in fighting for justice for victims of police violence in the Yolo County/Sacramento area.

Click here to learn more about this pioneering civil rights advocate: At Age 80, Trailblazer Keeps Fighting For Justice

Date: Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 2:51 PM
Subject: Oxnard College MECHA invitation to April 27th Conference
To: “rduran@vccd.edu” <rduran@vccd.edu>

Dr. Richard Duran


Oxnard Community College

4000 South Rose Ave.

Oxnard, CA 93033

Dear Dr. Duran,

It is my pleasure to confirm and I have accepted an invitation to speak at the Conference  of April 27 sponsored by the MECHA students at Oxnard College.

I have been asked to speak on the issue of civil responsibilities and rights which citizens enjoy in our state and country.  I believe that civic engagement Is very important for the betterment of our communities, be that community a neighborhood, a city, a state or our country.  I recently spoke at a dinner sponsored by the La Raza students of this law school, the Martin Luther King UC Davis school of law.  The dinner is named in honor of Judge Lorenzo Patino, our graduates of some years ago who died young.  The dinner is often related to the Cesar Chavez week when a series of events remind the students of the hopes which he had for farm workers and all of us. Since I had worked with both I decided to speak of their lives and why we remember them.  I emphasized that we remember them for their efforts for persons and issues beyond family while they were also devoted to family.  That is, we honor them for their civic engagement.   And I shared with them that each made mistakes and were not perfect, yet we honor them.

In like manner each of us has the responsibility and the pleasure of being engaged to help our community.  We know we are not perfect but we can do good work.  However, we must train ourselves to know what our rights are and what the responsibility is of government in a democracy.  I assume I have been invited because of my background as a lawyer, professor and judge who has had  experience in civic engagement.

I look forward to meeting you and the students.

As an aside, I will have the pleasure of being honored next Monday at the annual meeting of the American Association of Community Colleges and later by Fullerton College where I earned an AA degree some years ago.

Very truly yours,

Cruz Reynoso

2 thoughts on “Hon. Cruz Reynoso letter to Oxnard College Pres. Dr. Richard Duran re: April 27 Police Brutality civil rights conference

  1. I deeply appreciate Judge Reynoso’s participation in the Oxnard College seminar. He is an example of the kind of involvement we need of our leaders, many of whom, unfortunately are reluctant to expose their loyalty to our causes in public. i consider this, cowardly, as a Cesar Chavez soldier in the early and mid 60’s in the San Francisco area, I was privileged to have a part in the grape and lettuce boycotts. I didn’t think my efforts were of much value, but I did whatever I could to advance the cause. My indelible impressions of farm workers were the day we hosted senior farm workers from Delano. I will never forget the sculpture-like shapes of their hands. I wish I had taken pictures of them because they told a visual story all their own of the hardship their owners had endured.

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