Todo Poder al Pueblo Speakers respond to Oxnard settlement with Limon family

Volunteers of the Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective came to the Oxnard City Council to demand justice. Our community can’t forgive or forget the crimes against us. No justice no peace! // Voluntarios de Todo Poder al Pueblo, ayer en cabildos de la Ciudad de Oxnard exigiendo Justicia, ni perdon, ni olvido! Sin justicia no hay paz. Organización es vida, sumisión es la muerte!

“You can’t just throw money at the problem and hope that it goes away. Peace of mind and security aren’t so cheap either, when we’re talking about a community that was terrorized by what happened that night. This is why we say ‘No justice, no peace.'”

“Exigimos con el mismo derecho que ustedes tienen desde sus peldaños, exigimos pues que se bajen de ahí y miren la vida desde abajo!”

Officers who killed Alfonso Limon, Jr. and Jose Zepeda: Senior Officer John Brisslinger, Officer (ret.) Ernie Orozco, Officer Don Ehrhardt, Officer Jess Aragon, Officer Rocky Marquez, Officer Pedro Rodriguez (also involved in Robert Ramirez homicide), Officer Ryan Lockner, Officer Zack Stiles (also responsible for the shooting death of unarmed Timothy Chacon), and Officer Matthew Ross (also involved in Robert Ramirez homicide)

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