From Oxnard to Ayotzinapa: El Contexto Politico de la Lucha en Ayotzinapa

Miercoles/Weds., 1/28/15, 6:30pm
Café on A / Acuña Gallery and Cultural Center
438 S A St, Oxnard, California 93030

A cuatro meses de hoy, el gobierno mexicano no ah podido ayudar a los padres de los 43 a encontrar sus hijos.
Programa Bilingüe (bilingual program)
Join us for a night of music, live performances, art, and discussion! This will be a special people’s assembly discussing the 43 missing students, the state oppression, and our own solidarity with Ayotzinapa, Guerrero in Mexico. We will discuss the similarities with conditions in our community, and how we can move forward to organize and defend our own neighborhoods.
We will be having live performances by musicians, including local hip hop artist Kontra (Mantis), a presentation of “La Llorona,” a play/teatro by Uni Broso, a small presentation of videos and a guest presentation from Daniel Montes (Union del Barrio LA).
We will also be having a raffle of amazing art pieces and will be serving nachos w/ fixins (carne asada), pan dulce, and cafe for a small donation!


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