April 28, 2015 Meagan Hockaday vigil photos & Oxnard City Council video

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Misha Charlton, the sister of 26-year old mother of 3, Meagan Hockaday, speaks out about Meagan’s killing at the hands of Oxnard Police Department Officer Roger Garcia on March 28, 2015
#NoMoreStolenLives #MeaganHockaday #MeaganMatters
Learn more: https://todopoderalpueblo.org/2015/03/31/exclusive-report-oxnard-police-killer-of-26-yr-old-meagan-hockaday-revealed-new-details-emerge/

Monica Morales addresses the school-to-prison pipeline, the employment of abusive officers at Oxnard schools, and City allegations that Todo Poder al Pueblo is somehow “uncooperative”

Karla Ramirez talks about the Oxnard police treatment of our community, and the city’s unwillingness to address the problem even in light of the tragic killing of 26-yr old mother of 3, Meagan Hockaday, killed by Officer Roger Garcia on 3/28/15.

“…you’re dreaming if you think we plan on collaborating with the Police for a parade permit to protest the OPD killings. And we hope that the chief noticed how a lot of the protesters at the last march were members of her church – Bethel AME. And yes, the Chief has reached out to us through intermediaries, but we have no reason to believe that she wants anything more than for us to draw a halo over her administration and to validate her PR. So, NO, for the record we don’t plan on leaving the side of Oxnard’s police brutality victims or their families. “

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