Ayotzinapa: On the military intelligence agent active among the 43

by Omar Garcia VelasquezSPANISH

Let’s take a look: firstly, none of these “pin-pricks” from the state can undermine the unity of our families of the 43 students; second, the media isn’t interested in arriving at the truth, but in spreading gossip. But let’s examine this.

Do you recall having read, seen or heard the stories about the “secret agents” of “superpowers” infiltrating rival “superpowers” to gather intelligence from within?

It turns out that almost nine months after September 26, 2014, the Mexican Ministry of National Defense has “revealed” that there was an active agent planted among the 43 who were disappeared from our Ayotzinapa rural school!

This means that we were infiltrated by a military intelligence agent; a fact which we, and all organizations in opposition to the regime, hopefully, take as a given.

There are a few things worthy here of taking note, and questions that must be asked: why did they wait until now to announce this? One assumes that if they did have an agent, they would have noted this from the beginning. Apart from that, everyone knows that these agents operate in coordination with other state intelligence agencies and therefore were in constant communication with their superiors.

With their coordination, they tracked our every move and our activities. I remember that during the 2011 movement, “many people came to our colleagues to ‘offer’ them work.” This “work” consisted of them providing information about the activities undertaken by the movement, and the payment would be 1000 pesos every week for the student informants. I mention this as one example, because there are many levels of infiltration. It’s one thing for someone within the movement to receive money in exchange for information; having an “active agent” is quite another. The differences in the ways in which they operate are vast.

It’s also important to highlight the fact that the Mexican state has been totally negligent:  instead of searching for our comrades, it has mainly engaged in the vilification of our movement. Their goal isn’t to find our comrades, and perhaps it never has been; their goal is to defeat us.

Also, recall that for eight months they have been calling us “narcos”, and now they attach this story that throughout this period they had managed to arrange for one of their agents to infiltrate us. No longer should we simply argue that they are a NARCO-STATE; let’s also ask, will they now say that there is a prominent journalist of Televisa among the 43? Perhaps a priest?

It should be understood that if there was really an active military agent among the 43, then the Mexican government would be more actively involved in the tragedy, by dint of the nature of this type of infiltration. By publicizing this, they are pretending to displace the position of the parents – that is, the state itself is the victim of a forced disappearance. Kidnapping and murder, they say.

But in the background there is FOUL PLAY. They want to instill doubt, and sow division and fear – as if our knowledge of this infiltration would force us to act out against the families. We do NOT violate the human rights of anyone, gentlemen of the MINISTRY OF NATIONAL DEFENSE.
This country is fucked; the agents of the state have been implicated, and are today flailing their legs as if they’re drowning. We don’t pretend to find reasons where there aren’t any. We maintain, a thousand times, that THE STATE IS GUILTY.

¡Nosotros no descansaremos hasta encontrarlos! (We will not rest until we find them!)


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