Beyond Cesar Chávez: The Workers’ Struggle Has No Borders!

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SPANISH[Oxnard, CA 4/11/16] March 31st is celebrated as Cesar Chávez Day in honor of the struggles ignited by the farmworkers in decades past, however only the city workers and bankers got the day off with pay in the United States. The farmworkers went on with their day on March 31st like every other 10-hour workday; no paid holiday, no right to overtime pay after 8 work hours. They also do not enjoy two weeks of paid vacation like every other worker or even health insurance (not all ranches offer health insurance) that, if they do have it, only covers a minimum portion or if children are added it may be up to $36 more per week per child. After several decades of ignited struggle, many agricultural workplaces do not provide food services or shade from the sun so that people may eat comfortably.  Today, several decades after the great mobilizations organized by the farmworkers, we still clearly witness the difference of treatment between farmworkers and other kinds of workers.

We believe that only the farmworkers may be responsible for organizing themselves and demanding their rights, not just by marching but by organizing and learning to defend their rights to count on shade to have their meals, to count on dignified wages and to not be mistreated by the managers of the ranches, the right to receive immediate medical assistance in case of a work accident, the right to training and adequate clothing to protect from the fumigants and pesticides in the plantations, the right to cold fresh water and clean dignified restrooms.

Organize and defend your rights! Autonomy is Life, Submission is Death!

Solidarity with #FamiliasUnidasPorLaJusticia and #SanQuintin #BoycottDriscolls Border to Border! #H2AisSlavery

One thought on “Beyond Cesar Chávez: The Workers’ Struggle Has No Borders!

  1. A powerful indictment of the injustices committed against those who carry out the labor that nourishes us! But until we recognize the true source of that injustice as the capitalist system that enslaves us, we are doomed to suffer its cruelties. I invite all of you to join with us in that fight as we pledge to join with you in your struggle. Please contact me.
    Robert Schwartz
    Socialist Party of Oxnard

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