ALL VIDEOS: 10/23/12 OXNARD Members of the community and Colectivo Todo Poder Al Pueblo spoke at the City Council meeting following O22: PROTEST to Stop Police Brutality


10/23/12, Elliott Gabriel (Todo Poder al Pueblo) Blasts Chief, City Council for OPD Homicide & Abuse

Elliott Gabriel (Todo Poder Al Pueblo) puts the Council and Chief on blast for the pattern of abuse OPD have been involved in & calls on the Chief to resign, the brutal cops to be punished in line with the community’s standards of justice, and for residents to continue fighting back.

“This campaign against police brutality wasn’t something that we initiated. No, it was simply a response to every incident of harassment, every casual act of disrespect, every unjust incarceration, and every act of routine abuse by the Oxnard Police Department…”

10/23/12, Tomas Hernandez (Arts for Action, Colonia resident) Speaks About Oxnard Police Brutality

Oxnard City Council Meeting 10/23/12: U.S. Military veteran Tomas Hernandez (Arts for Action) speaks about the militarized OPD’s treatment of Colonia residents in the aftermath of the shootout on Garfield. K-9s and automatic rifles were deployed in unprofessional ways against the shaken community of Colonia, rubbing salt in the open wounds suffered in the immediate aftermath of Alfonso Limon’s execution at Oxnard Police Department’s hands.

10/23/12, Francisco Romero (Todo Poder al Pueblo) Speaks About Oxnard Police Brutality

Oxnard City Council Meeting 10/23/12: Francisco Romero ( Unión del BarrioTodo Poder Al Pueblo) emotionally speaks about his ties to the latest victims of officer-committed homicide and lays out the community’s demands that the officers be stripped of their badges and that Chief Jeri Williams immediately resigns.

10/23/12, Chicky Gutierrez (HS student) bravely speaks out on Oxnard PD violence & brutality

Chicky Gutierrez speaks from the heart to the Oxnard City Council and OPD Chief Jeri Williams , telling them in their faces what the community has experienced, and how we will fight back!
“We’re done with all this crap from the police… we will keep on with what we’re doing, we will not stop and we will come harder.”

10/23/12, Jim Yarbrough speaks about Oxnard’s misplaced priorities, police brutality

Jim Yarbrough (Todo Poder al Pueblo) discusses the misplaced priorities of the Oxnard City Council, their misplaced priorities in city spending, and their over-reliance on the militarized police rather than social programs to advance the youth’s interests.

102312 Dr Donald Thibault

10/23/12, Lucy Cartagena speaks out on youth experiences of police brutality

Lucy Cartagena calls on the Oxnard City Council members to stand by the community and take a stance on the police brutality that has claimed multiple lives in 2012, and to support positive youth programs rather than throwing money at policing alone.

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