VCSTAR – Oxnard’s Pacifica High School resource officer Jason Rodriguez accused of improper conduct with students

file photo (source: OPD Facebook)

file photo (source: OPD Facebook)

OXNARD’S PACIFICA HIGH SCHOOL officer Jason Rodriguez accused of improper conduct with students – If you have any information on this case please contact Todo Poder Al Pueblo at 805-3-AVISO-3 // 805-328-4763 !
• A school resource officer with the Oxnard Police Department has been placed on paid administrative leave following allegations of inappropriate conduct with students, officials said Thursday.
Students at Pacifica High School in April reported incidents involving Officer Jason Rodriguez, who was later placed on paid leave pending administrative and criminal investigations, said police Cmdr. Scott Hebert.
Hebert would not elaborate on the allegations.
• The internal administrative investigation “is strictly on policy violations,” he said.
Cmdr. Mike Adair, who is responsible for the criminal investigation, said the allegations do not involve sex with a minor, but he would not elaborate on whether they are sexual in nature.
Oxnard Police Chief Jeri Williams said she is aware of some of the accusations but could not comment on them.
“We take every allegation seriously and we’ll investigate this matter to the fullest,” Williams said Thursday.
Rodriguez, 28, has been on the Oxnard police force for three-and-a-half years, Hebert said. In addition to working at Pacifica, he has been a patrol officer and worked with the department’s youth Explorer program.
• Oxnard Mayor Tim Flynn, a social sciences teacher at Pacifica, said he was surprised and concerned when he heard the news. He said he was contacted by Williams about the matter.
“I hope the allegations aren’t true and I hope the officer is cleared,” Flynn said. “I know the police department takes allegations about a staff member seriously.”
Flynn said he often sees Rodriguez on campus and has had “positive” interactions with him.
“I never heard anything negative about him,” Flynn said.

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One thought on “VCSTAR – Oxnard’s Pacifica High School resource officer Jason Rodriguez accused of improper conduct with students

  1. It is at minimum, “annoying” that allegations of private citizens are approved for media publication but, allegations of police officers who are, after all employees of the public, are not released to the public who pays their salary.
    Where in the State of California does it order that names and details of allegations toward police be restricted from publication? Is this law or just another example of double-standard law enforcement?

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