Ventura County Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols, 8/16 – 9/2

(Wednesday 08-14-13 at 5:15 PM)

Ventura County law enforcement agencies are launching DUI/Drivers’ License crackdown that will run from Friday night through the Labor Day weekend. It will include a number of DUI/DL checkpoints and saturation patrols throughout the county. Every law enforcement agency in the county will be involved in one way or the other. Here’s a rundown of the planned operations during the period…

Friday 8/16…DUI/DL Checkpoint, Oxnard 6PM-Mid
Saturday 8/17…Saturation Patrols, Oxnard 9PM-3AM
Saturday 8/17…DUI/DL Checkpoint, Simi Valley 7PM-3AM
Saturday 8/24…DUI/DL Checkpoint, Camarillo, 7PM-3AM
Saturday 8/24…DUI/DL Checkpoint, T.O., 7PM-3AM
Sunday 8/25…DUI Saturation Patrols, Oxnard 4PM-10PM
Saturday 8/31…DUI Task force Operation, Ventura 7PM-3AM
Sunday 9/1…DUI Saturation Patrol, Oxnard 4PM-10PM
Monday 9/2…DUI Saturation Patrol, Oxnard 4PM-10PM

Nuestra Comunidad Puede Combatir y Resistir el Abuso Policíaco en los Retenes!
Our Community Can Challenge and Resist Police Checkpoint Abuse!

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