Lies vs. Truth: 8/27/13 CA Latino Legislative Caucus Debate on “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”

This meeting occurred on August 27, 2013 in Sacramento; a meeting before the California Latino Caucus. Gov. Brown attended, along with some 20 legislators and fifty others (probably staffers).
Independent analyst Arnold Torres, Peter Schey (President of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law), Enrique Morones (Border Angels), and Arturo Carmona ( present the facts on the anti-worker “common sense immigration reform,” Senate Bill 744.
Those who represented the pro-S.744 side Mike Garcia (SEIU), Angelica Salas (CHIRLA), Arturo Rodriguez (UFW) present the same old arguments meant to support the anti-worker “reform” that will lead to massive border militarization, the expansion of guest worker (indentured servitude/bracero) programs, and the theft of undocumented workers’ social security monies.
The pro-S.744 forces are clearly their own worst enemies, witness how their arguments are so mediocre, opportunist, and self-serving.

Video presented by United for Justice & Dignity: National Migrant Labor Convention

Welcome & Introductions

Senator Ricardo Lara, Chair of Latino Caucus
Assembly Member V. Manuel Pérez, Vice Chair of Latino Caucus

Panel 1 – Historical & Policy Overview
Angelica Salas – Executive Director, Coalition for Human & Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)
Arnold Torres – Immigration Analyst
Peter Schey – President, Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law

Panel 2 – The California Economy, Foreign Labor, and Immigration Reform

Carl Guardino – President/CEO, The Silicon Valley Leadership Group
Barry Bedwell – President, California Grape & Tree Fruit League
Mike Winn – President/CEO, The California Building Industry Association

Panel 3 – Workforce Development, Worker Rights, and Immigration Reform

Caitlin Vega – Legislative Advocate, California Labor Federation (AFL-CIO)
Diana Tellefson Torres – National Vice-President, United Farmworkers Union (UFW)
Mike Garcia – President, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) United Service Workers West (USWW)


Special Guest Speaker
Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Panel 4 – The Immigrant Rights Movement and Immigration Reform
Enrique Morones – President, Border Angels
Reshma Shamasunder – Executive Director, California Immigrant Policy Center
Arturo Carmona – President,
Efrain Delgado – Dreamer Representative, The California Dream Network
Miguel Araujo – President, Centro Azteca

Public Comment


• Do we want to spend almost $50,000,000,000 to militarize the border?

• Do we want a new “Bracero” /Guest Worker program (modern indentured servitude)?
• Do we want to split up families, sending parents to Mexico?


• We want documents and permanent residency rights for all: the right to work, higher education, drivers’ licenses and public benefits for all.
• We want an immediate end to raids and deportations.
• We want a path to citizenship without undue delays, fees, back-taxes, restrictions, and penalties — no to “getting in the back of the line!”
• Workers must have the unconditional legal right to organize.
• No to E-Verify, Secure Communities [S-COMM], and other forms of Police-Migra collaboration.
• No to the military service ‘option’ (backdoor draft) for Dreamers

YES to a just and humane immigration reform that eliminates the terror and anxiety in our communities, respects and protects the human rights of undocumented workers, and eliminates the injustices our families face.

Join us!
The United Front for Justice and Dignity is a statewide network formed with the purpose of community education and the defense of working-class and immigrant communities across California. We are comprised of labor organizations, students, individuals, and grassroots political, cultural, and community groups that have united to fight for a humane and just immigration reform that won’t compromise our basic dignity, civil rights, or social protections. Our efforts aim to obtain positive change, uplift the aspirations of working people, and truly better the living-conditions of our communities.

For more information call (626) 568-1147 // Pre-registration:



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