12/10/13 – Community members speak at Oxnard City Council re: police repression, public library

Oxnard Children’s Librarian at City Council discusses library services 

Oxnard Children’s Librarian explains to City Council how the poor management of library resources hurts staff, deprives Oxnard’s youth of access to educational materials, and forces Library professionals to seek employment elsewhere. Followed by a brief exchange between Mayor Tim Flynn and interim City Manager Karen Burnham.

Elliott Gabriel (Todo Poder al Pueblo) vs. Oxnard Police repression of local activists 

Collective member Elliott Gabriel blasts City and Chief of Police for the attack on residents’ free speech via the targeting of Francisco “Chavo” Romero, local organizer with Union del Barrio and Todo Poder al Pueblo, with five jaywalking tickets. Elliott also exposes the phony “Office of Independent Review” hired to investigate 2012’s Oxnard Police killings of Alfonso Limon, Robert Ramirez. Followed by a brief exchange between Mayor Tim Flynn and Chief Jeri Williams. The OPD charged and targeted Francisco ‘Chavo’ Romero, local community organizer and member of Unión del Barrio and Colectivo Todo Poder Al Pueblo with five (5) “failing to yield” tickets for the last community march against police brutality held in October .

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