“Whoever is stress-free, cast the first stone” (Mental Health and Police Violence)

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Michael Mahoney died on August 14 through injuries to the chest after three police officers in Oxnard, California shot him. Somebody called, and said that Mahoney was armed, so the police came and took action. According to the data provided by Bloomberg, Mahoney was among the 64 mentally ill who were killed in the United States in 2009.

On February 6, 2014 it happened again – the Oxnard Police went to “help” a woman who was suffering a psychological crisis and reportedly threatening to kill herself. Hours later during a dramatic police mobilization, several shots were heard and the news was received that the woman had aimed at them with a gun – the same gun that turned out to be a toy gun, from which not a single plastic bullet was discharged – yet it was enough of an excuse to get away with another of their “great performances” as law enforcement officers.

Several hours later, Del Sol Park was cordoned off by more than 20 officers who were stationed there; it seemed as if a movie was being shot, with officers in pairs of two chatting, some eating, laughing, drinking coffee, and having a good time, while two local news trucks remained in the area. Unfortunately, the shooting victim needed help, and apparently was already in intensive care as her condition was “serious.” This story repeats itself again and again in this city as the Oxnard Police Department wants to implement an end to violence through the use of violence. They not only behave unethically, and attack young people who want to film them, but they also suffer from chronic deafness and fire to save their lives without even hearing a “click” from the distance (the lady who was shot was standing in the middle of a soccer field). The most improbable part of this situation is that some people still dare to justify the police’s actions. For many of us, psychological illnesses are a part of life, and no one deserves to die for simply losing control due to this disease.

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