THANK YOU ALL! Update: Post-Statewide Conference on Justice for Our Communities! Families Organizing to Resist Police Brutality and Abuse


On behalf of the Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective – THANK YOU- for making the first  statewide conference on Justice for Our Communities! Families Organizing to Resist Police Brutality and Abuse, vigil and march a success!!!

We want to acknowledge all of the hard work by our hosts, Oxnard College MEChA, and all volunteers that assisted throughout the day, especially the CSUCI MEChA and students, making our guests from across the state feel welcomed.

We want to also thank, all of the families and organizations that were represented, keynotes and all workshops presenters at the conference, representation that was clearly statewide, from Sacramento, to the Bay, to the Central Valley, to the Central Coast, to greater Los Angeles area, Santa Ana to San Diego Regions.

We met all of our conference objectives set forth during our preparation meetings and now we must move forward with the momentum from this event.  SO WHAT’S NEXT?

We will within the next week:

1. PUBLISH a conference overall summary from the perspective of the Colectivo Todo Poder al Pueblo along with putting together  the proposed actions, events, etc. that came out of the discussions  and sending those to conference participants and our allies across the state for your review. 
2. SET-UP  up a post-conference teleconference in mid May to discuss the next steps. We want to make sure we all have time to re-gather ourselves and our thoughts to organize and coordinate our next steps. We will send out information as soon as we confirm the time and date. 

In struggle,

-Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective (Oxnard)

Stop the militarization and criminalization of our communities!

Killer cops! Off our Streets! No justice! No Peace! 

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